About Your Mallorca!

YourMallorca.eu gives you an excellent option to promote your business on Mallorca by writing and submitting posts, articles, business news and press releases. At the same time you can link back to your own website for our readers to learn more.

Why promote my business with article writing & submission?

Article writing is a perfect way to spread the word of your business, products, services or business milestones. By linking back to your own website from an article that writes about your business, you give signals to Google, Bing and other search engines that your website is an authority in that topic. This gives you the chance of getting higher up in the search results!

How can a higher position in search engines help my business?

Everyday year there is more than 100 million searches on Mallorca related phrases, so there is a big chance of that there is a huge chance that alot of people are looking for what you can offer! If you get to the top position in Google on a relevant search phrase this will give you a significant increase of visitors to your website.
Common sense says that the more people that is in your store on the street, the more people will buy your products. It is the same on the internet!

What should I write about?

It can be hard to start writing, we know! YourMallorca can help you to write articles. Read more about this service here.