Advantages of European cycling holidays and training camps Spain / Mallorca

Are you finding it difficult to fit your training rides into a busy calendar? A recent study has found that engaging in one week of intensive training can offer you more benefits than spending larger number of weeks with moderate intensity training. This is a good point to be kept in mind when you plan your European cycling holidays and training camps Spain / Mallorca.

Once you have gone through a short but intensive training camp, you would be able to develop a reenergized focus on your goals for the season, recovery and proper rest. In addition to helping you focus on your balanced meals, such a holiday-cum-training camp would also help you in picking up a few winning bike-handling skills. The fun atmosphere would also teach you how you must fuel yourself properly for all the triathlons and other events.

One of the best things about a training camp in Mallorca is that it would give you a chance to share your experiences with other folks who have the same level of interest in cycling. Once you go back from the intense-training holidays and spend a few days for recovery, you would naturally feel a stronger come back than you can ever imagine. This has been reported in several cycling studies and experienced by a large number of cyclists.

Most of the European cycling holidays and training camps Spain / Mallorca are based on a 1-week training program. It is for the unique cycling atmosphere in this part of Spain that cycling pros and enthusiasts turn up here for developing the launching pad for their upcoming season. If you are seeking to build a stronger base for athletic and riding improvement, it would be best to head to Mallorca at the start of the cycling season. The beautiful landscapes of this paradise island offer much more than enjoying an amazing cycling week.

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