Explore The Leading Attractions While Cycling In Mallorca

Whether you are an avid cyclist or seeking a destination with some of the most beautiful landscapes, beaches and golf resorts there is nothing that can beat a vacation in Mallorca. In fact, Mallorca is the cyclist’s paradise and you can enjoy a gorgeous weather even in the early spring when Europe is still cold. It is not a surprise why so many professionals and amateurs come for Cycling In Mallorca in early season.

Cycling gives you the easiest way to explore the beauty and wide expanse of this island. You can stay in Palma and ride southeast across the flat lands that are dotted with Spanish villas, windmills, beaches and churches. Heading northwest from Palma, you can come across an astonishing series of mountains on the island.

When on Mallorca, a cycle and a few friends are all that you need to explore some of the most beautiful attractions you can find anywhere. Mallorca’s local authorities have introduced a unique bicycle scheme for visitors so that everyone can enjoy the attractions around Palma.

When Cycling In Mallorca make sure to visit the Tramuntana Mountains, which is world famous for its landscapes and has been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage site. You can also visit the Cuevas del Drach, the wonderful underground caves that keep glistening through daytime to make an attraction that can never be forgotten.

After spending a day cycling around the beautiful landscapes and unbelievable attractions, you can spend an evening swimming at the beach, enjoy the local food and explore the streets of the capital. If you want to spend a relaxing day on the island, ride your way to the north to the charming resort of Pollensa. The S’illot beach here is perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying the natural beauty of the island.

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