What Would You Do During your Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca?

The largest of the Balearic islands, Mallorca is not all about tourism, the lush greenery and spectacular views from its high cliffs. It is also famous as a cycling-holiday destination because of its moderate temperatures and sunny climate through the year. The wide stretches of the landscape provide excellent cycling paths and traffic-free roads. There are many reasons why you should give your family the marvelous experience of Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca.

In fact Mallorca offers cycling holidays that can be enjoyed by every member of the family, and even if you are single. Each and every tour has a different level of difficulty, so that you can choose a level that is ideally suited for your requirements.

The first level in most of the cycling camps consists of easy biking on flat landscapes. Sometimes, small hills can also be made part of the rides. Usually, the distance covered through the day would range between 15 and 30 km. this is an ideal cycling tour for all those who come to Mallorca for a family cycling holiday.

A second level difficulty would usually involve biking across flat and hilly areas of the island. There would be low climbs in between flatter stretches of roads. In this case, the usual daily distance covered can be in excess of 25 km. If you want to engage in a little strenuous biking experience as a single rider or a couple, it would be better to consider the third level of difficulty. In this case, the trips would take you across hilly regions. Be ready to spend at ride for at least 35 km a day.

The higher difficulty levels are designed specifically for professional bikers who come to Mallorca and other Spanish regions for their pre-season training. The Cycling holidays Spain / Mallorca would certainly make a memorable experience for your family that they would remember for a long time.

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