When are you allowed to let your House on Rent?

Whenever you plan to take a break or rather a golf break, the first name that would strike your mind will be that of Mallorca. This island in the Mediterranean Sea is well known for its spellbinding comeliness and excellent golf courses. When a tourist comes here on vacation, he first decides to Rent House Mallorca and enjoy the beauty of the land together with the homely feeling of the Luxury House Mallorca. Buying, selling and renting a property has become a favorite business in modern day Mallorca. There are many people on this island who Buy Property Mallorca just to keep it as a holiday home and rent it out to the tourists.

People want to let their property on rent to earn profit. This process was quite easy till a few years back but now, according to the new Spanish law, it is no longer that easy a job. Government has made it very clear that only those people are allowed to let their property on rent who have obtained a license for the purpose. If they Rent Apartment Mallorca without the license, they will be fined with a fine of about 30,000 Euros. Government has made a clear distinction between the “holiday homes” and the “tourist’s apartments”. There are certain laws that are specially meant for the holiday homes. The laws which are made by the government are equally applicable to both, the apartments in the complex and the individual Luxury Houses Mallorca.

Since the hotel industry was adversely affected by the trend of renting the private properties to the tourists they pressed for some strict law which has made it very difficult for the owners to rent the property legally to the tourists. The “official tourist’s apartments” can only be rented legally. To some extent this law has affected the Mallorca Real Estate also. One thing that is very much clear is that you should have a license to have the permission to rent your house in Mallorca.

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