Who can You Rent your Place on Mallorca without Difficulty?

Mallorca is known world over for its beaches and water sports, mountains and hiking, greenery and Golf courses, and for its diverse location and still more diversified selection of houses. There are houses as simple as an apartment to the very grand villas or fincas. People find these properties very interesting and together with the charm and beauty of the land they fall in to Buy Property Mallorca. But the tourists from over the world, especially from the Scandinavian Islands, United Kingdom, Poland etc. are more interested in just spending their holidays here and enjoy the games and hiking.

These tourists can Rent Apartment Mallorca or Rent House Mallorca from the person who has a holiday home. But the owner has certain laws to follow before renting out the property. The Spanish government has formulated certain laws which prohibit the owner to rent out his place to any tourist. He has to get a license which would allow him to rent out the place.  But if you want to rent out a detached property like Luxury House Mallorca or a villa, he can get a license and then he can rent it out. But the problem is that getting this license itself is very difficult.

Mallorca Real Estate saw some very stringent laws formulated for such rentals. A person can rent out his property to his family and friends but he has to declare his income for the taxation purpose. Also he would not need a license if he declares that he is not letting his Luxury Apartment Mallorca on a commercial basis that is to say he is not providing food, towels etc. But the good news for these property owners is that they do not need licenses for renting on a long term basis.

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